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Cyber Monday & Cyber Liability

November 2016

With all the online shopping on Cyber Monday, having the right cyber liability insurance coverage in the event of a data breach or cyber attack is essential to many businesses.  

The insurance market continues to change, so staying up to date with the current risks is important. One in particular for businesses is cyber liability coverage. If you do not know about cyber liability coverage I would check to make sure you would have coverage for a data breach. Privacy breach notifications, computer forensics, crisis management, expenses related to cyber threats or extortion, this could be covered under first party cyber liability insurance. Most businesses also need third party cyber coverage, which would cover the liability of failing to protect confidential data of people you do business with. The cost to notify victims, reissue credit cards, etc., along with credit monitoring. Cyber liability insurance is very affordable to carry. Almost weekly we hear about sensitive data that has been stolen by a cyber-attack, which could be very costly to a small or medium sized business.

We would be happy to review policy terms and coverages to ensure your business is  accurately covered in the event of a cyber attack.

Delta Dental Coverage

February 2017

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Delta Dental to offer you dental coverage. You can access dental options and sign-up under the services section or by clicking the green box here: